Who are we? Well, that’s easy. The tall one and the little one ! We are two friends who found each other through (wait for it, it’s pretty hipster)  Crossfit and tattoos. Yea yea, typical, we know. But its true James is Welsh and has lived in Dubai for the past 13 years. He met and married his gorgeous Belarusian wife and they have since travelled the world extensively, gathering memories and adventures wherever they go. Apart from being our master kombucha brewer, he also has over 20 years experience in operations and logistics and is an accomplished athlete.

Tammi is a Dutch/Colombian mum of two (monsters), and also a long term resident of Dubai, although she spent most of her childhood as an expat. She is also an athlete and has over 15 years experience in visual communications and customer relations.

Along with this, Tam has also dedicated the last couple of years making a home and raising her kids, and hopes to pass the healthy athletic mindset and lifestyle on to them.

Booch began when mutual friends started doing some of this CrossFit stuff. We got introduced to each other, and before we knew it we were a small tight knit group of people who met daily to sweat, talk, complain and basically just do the whole friendship thing.

James had already been making kombucha at home and consuming it for years; basically expert level. He then introduced Tammi to it, who was immediately sold. Everything from its flavours to the benefits, the procedure of making it, was just so appealing. It was when Tammi’s dad tried some of the home-brew during a visit and he said “You guys should bottle this and sell it”. Of course that’s what we should do! Make kombucha.

Booch was born.