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Let’s Start Blogging!

So here we are at our first blog! Tammi and James here, the Booch Team! 

In case you haven’t gone through our website yet, and you don’t know much about us, we are the founders of Booch Kombucha. We are both very different from each other. Our home dynamics, our pasts, where we come from. But as old friends, we do share several passions, such as fitness and tattoos, but most importantly; kombucha. Enough about us, though, you can read all about us on the Our Story page. We decided to start this blog, because we want to communicate more, and reach out to you, our people. 

Let’s start with what the hell has been happening in 2020 so far! Fires, celebrity deaths, killer wasps, unicorns farting perfume, more fires! Let’s not even begin with the whole COVID situation. And we’re only halfway through! Having said that, how is already the end of July? Feels like we’ve been in lockdown/quarantineed/partial martial law for forever, but at the same time it flew by. Time. It’s a funny thing.

Time is a funny thing when it comes to kombucha brewing too. Sometimes it takes a batch 8 days to be ready, others will take 9 or 10 days even. And time is only one of the conditions that determine a good brew. It all depends on temperature, air quality, the previous batch that was made, the scoby. We try hard to keep all these conditions the same, so that we can make you the best Booch. 

And that’s why we believe our kombucha is better. Because it is made better.

Let’s catch a brew soon,

The Booch Team

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