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From folk medicine to pop culture.

So who drinks kombucha and why? Originally kombucha is believed to have been known as an “elixir of life”, a magical drink that was believed to cure diseases and improve overall health. Stories from hundreds and even thousands of years ago from Tibet, Korea, China and Russia will highlight benefits that kombucha claims to give. Somewhere along the way, the drink lost its following. Did we stop caring about our health? Did we become over-indulgent in new food and drink discoveries? Did our focus on health shift to other factors? Or did we simply disregard the original health drink as the creation of more sugary, celebratory-endorsed replacements? There may be some truth to all of those questions, however, kombucha has re-emerged from the depths of history in the past 5-10 years. This became even more apparent on my recent trip to the West coast, USA. 

It is difficult to ignore the hints in the past few months that health SHOULD become a major focus for the general population. It seems, and we hope, that a global pandemic can help emphasize the importance of healthy lifestyle choices, and quality food and beverage consumption. As you can guess, kombucha has a prime place in health-focused consciousness.  Thus, the popularity of kombucha has risen! There are so many different companies and variants of kombucha out there, especially in places like Australia and the US. Europe and the UK. 

With its pop-culture emergence, comes a variety of brands and flavours that help every taste-bud enjoy the benefits of this fermented tea drink. Kombucha truly is for everyone! Whether you’re a health-conscious athlete, a mum who wants to add a little sparkle to her day, a hipster barber, or a surfer trying to shake off the salt, it is made for everyone and its benefits are hard to ignore. Plus, how amazing are these FULL SHELVES of kombucha options!? The choices in US organic shops was a bit overwhelming, but the availability of such a beneficial drink is very promising. It filled me with even greater excitement as we continue contributing to the kombucha culture.

Fortunately, kombucha is starting to make its way to the Middle East, and the UAE. You may have heard of friends who make kombucha at home and brew it themselves, and may even be selling it to their friends and family, spreading kombucha love, and we LOVE this! We love that the culture of kombucha is about sharing the culture (literally, the SCOBY) and passing on the knowledge. Our focus at Booch is to ensure you have a stable and consistently delicious product that you can enjoy, without having to brew it yourself. As we continue developing refreshing flavors to satisfy your tastes, we hope to also want to keep sharing our culture with you.

Let’s catch a brew soon.

The Booch Team

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