This Is Booch & Who We Are

Booch Kombucha is a small local company created by two friends who wanted to share their passion for the art of kombucha brewing. Want to know a bit more about who we are? Click below. Also find out more about kombucha and what it is on


A naturally fermented tea based drink that is refreshing and energizing, filled with gut healthy benefits.


We are aware of our carbon footprint, so we make sure that we source our ingredients locally and we bottle and label them ourselves, here in the heart of Dubai.


Booch is full of probiotics, live bacteria and yeast that are good for the body, especially your digestive system.


The founders of Booch may not be real locals, but both have been here over 15 years, and they have made Dubai their home.


We personally make all our Booch in small batches to ensure that the quality stays the same for every bottle.


We cold brew a special blend of green and black tea to get our unique taste. We also use whole fruits and allow natural fermentation to do its work. It tastes better, because it’s made better.